The Permitting & Licensing Systems have been updated. If you have saved or bookmarked links to the Accela System they may not function. Please access the the NEW Citizen Portal and update your links and system information. Contact us if you have any questions.





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  • Homeowner’s Center Permitting Education Series
    Attention District homeowners! Join us for DCRA's Homeowner's Center Permitting Education Series that will help prepare you for your home improvement projects this summer. Our...
  • Does your project require a Wall Check?
    May 7, 2017- What is a wall check? A “wall check” (also known as a “wall test” or “wall examination”) is required by the District...
  • Ramp Guide
    March 29, 2017- The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has created a Ramp Guide that will assist homeowners in designing an ADA-compliant wooden...
  • Deck Guide
    January 9, 2017- The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has created a Deck Guide that will assist homeowners in designing your deck, obtaining...




From the Director's Desk

Director Melinda Bolling

Information directly from the Office of Director Melinda M. Bolling.

  • Director Bolling presents the 2018 DCRA Overview
    Director Bolling presents an overview video explaining the services provided to the District of Columbia by DCRA....
  • National Preparedness Month
    Greetings: August 28, 2017- September not only marks the end of the fiscal year, but the observance of National Preparedness Month. DCRA, once again, took...
  • Build It In D.C.
    Greetings: June 28, 2017- DCRA's commitment to being viable partners in the building and construction industry has never been more evident. An example of this...
  • DCRA Unveils ‘Safe & Simple’ Initiative
    Greetings: I’m excited about the work we’ve done so far this year and our continued focus on improving the way we serve the public. Our...